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A unique restaurant, offering a culinary proposal that tells how Peruvians have embraced other cultures with admiration and respect, resulting in a mixture of surprising flavors that last over time. An unprecedented journey that begins in a spectacular space where the lush greenery creates a perfect urban oasis.

OROYA tells this story throughout its program of cocktails and family-style dishes to be shared, inviting to see what happened and happens on the other side of the world from its restaurant and terrace, while mergin with the atmosphere and the vibe of the lively city of Madrid.

OROYA symbolizes the connection between the coast, the Andes and the jungle. A link between beautiful and deep cultures from the other side of the Pacific, such as Japan and China, that are materialized in Oroya's gastronomic and cocktail proposal with panoramic views of the most authentic Madrid.

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  • Monday - Sunday: 12pm - 7pm
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 7pm - 12am
  • Friday - Saturday: 7pm - 1am